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Customer Feedback

"Driving my truck while on the job is when I
needed service. A stone flew up and cracked my
windshield on the highway!"
Thank you, Clear Sight Auto Glass.
-Mary Ann
Tucson, Arizona

"Met at the Home Show. Easy to deal with and
came right to my house to service my windshield.
Love the gift card. Thanks."
Minneapolis, Minnesota

"I was getting ready for vacation & noticed a chip.
Called & received same day service!"
-Lee Pong
Phoenix, Arizona

"A big Thank you from the South"
Professional & Courteous too.
-Mr. & Mrs. Flynn 
Jacksonville, Florida 

"My family has the 800# on our cell phones.
We use this company all year round.
Whole windshield replacements for our
used vehicles & more".
West Palm Beach, Florida

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